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Four happy women with thick black hair. One is explaining something to the other three, two of whom are smiling and laughing with her.

Condition and Care!

Hair Conditioning for Happier Hair


Then our next obvious question is do you take the time to condition your hair after you shampoo it? If not, let us inform you it is the biggest hair faux pas yet!

Conditioning your hair is a very important step in hair care and is in fact one of the most basic ones! Conditioning your hair is key in order to make it soft, smooth and tangle free.
A conditioner helps keep each strand of your hair healthy, adding to your hair’s natural shine and moisture! No matter what your hair type – you need to condition it. And condition it right. And how to use conditioner you may ask? Here we have put together some steps that you should follow, if you want happy healthy hair on your head!

• Choose the right conditioner: Once you have identified your hair type it is important that you use a conditioner meant for your hair conditions in order to get maximum results.
Choose one of Sunsilk’s ranges of conditioners that have been created for every hair type.

• Start from the tips of your hair: The lower end of your hair has been growing out for a while and is older than the hair right at your roots therefore it needs special attention.
It is a common mistake to apply conditioner on the scalp, just like you apply the shampoo.
But it is in fact the ends of your hair that require regular moisturizing to stay healthy, a portion of the hair that is often ignored.

• Your scalp doesn’t need it: The hair conditioner’s main function is to coat the hair shaft in order to make hair cuticles lie down. Coloring and heat styling lift the scales on your cuticles, taking away sheen and smoothness. Therefore the conditioner acts to repair the damage caused and repair your hair with essential moisturizers. Your scalp doesn’t need that.

• Time it right: After you shampoo and rinse your hair, it is usually dripping wet. The conditioner will not stay on well at this stage. Instead try towel drying your hair lightly right after you rinse out the shampoo and then apply the conditioner for maximum results.

• Apply it right: Using your fingers work the conditioner into your hair ends. You can even use a comb to do the job thoroughly. Once you have done this wait for at least 3 minutes before you rinse out the conditioner.